#telefilmaddicted #collection #tvshow #serietv

#telefilmaddicted #collection #tvshow #serietv

Everybody Wants… Il Labirinto - The Maze Runner

Everybody Wants… Il Labirinto – The Maze Runner

Lo ammetto i romanzi distopici sono il mio tallone d’Achille, appena ne trovo uno (e ultimamente grazie all’enorme successo di Hunger Games spuntano come funghi in questo agosto piovoso) mi ci devo fiondare.

Uniamo al sopracitato fatto l’imminente uscita del film e la non voglia di spoilerarmi il romanzo (come invece ho ben pensato di fare con Divergent) e siamo a cavallo.


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Teen Wolf Fanfiction: Untitled Kiki!AU


So, some days ago I said I wanted to see a Kiki’s Delivery Service!AU and then I ended up writing it myself. I’m gonna post the various parts as I write them and for now it will be an open verse, so I’ll probably add bits and pieces to the main storyline. If you’re familiar with the movie Kiki’s delivery service, then you’ll probably know where this is going for the most part. If you’re not…watch it! Seriously, watch every single Studio Ghibli movie because you’re losing some important lessons otherwise. There will some Ghibli tributes in the fic too. Small note, in the original story the main character leaves her home at 13, while here Stiles is 16. I swear it will be explained.

Lastly, thank to stileslovesnim for suggesting Loki’s name, lestblue for the last minute proofreading and gweiddiatecate for…applying pressure.

I suggest listening to this while reading!


“Stiles, for the love of God, left, LEFT!”

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